University Life

Ok, so here i want to tell some stories about my university life. So before I went to University of Indonesia, majoring in German Literature, i have some thoughts. 1. Waiting until next year,  try to pass SNMPTN (College entrance test in Indonesia), to major in International Relations. 2. Double degree (or Double college, as i say). They are University of Indonesia – German Literature and Paramadina University – International Relations. And then, i found out that the schedule clashes. I could not take both of them. Now i took German Literature in the University of Indonesia more because my mom really wants me to go to Public University. I did all this because i love my mom, more than anyone else. I cannot make her down… Well the things is i’m happy for what i’m choosing, because i feel like what my mom choose always be the right path for me. When i’m outta junior high school, i really want to go to a public school. But then my mom ask for the different path : go to private university. When my brother not choosing what my mom chooses, he is really in trouble. The school always in fight with the other schools. And then now he went to the private school that my mom always expecting. Now the thing is, some people really think what they really want is the right path. But it’s not always like that. This university welcoming the new students with the big choir, which everyone should take part ( about 5000 people , some of them don’t know anything about choir ). They have a lot of orientation things going on ( I hate that, why wouldnt we just study? ). I love the university besides of everything bad in it. I love the friends, they are great. We will always be busy with a lot of tasks from the lecturer, but we are ONE, always. Helping each other to be the best in life 🙂

I am thankful to be a part of University of Indonesia’s German Literature students. The students are great, and the university, well- you can tell.  People here like to ask me to study with them, and i’m proud. When other people said that Literature is easy, i kinda believe in it. But then, after the first semester goes by and i’m in second semester, now i realize that literature is harder than it seems like. We learn about the linguistic, the literature, the history, and the language.

All in once. Which is difficult for me.  I love the languange, even if it is different from english, because they have 3 kinds of articles. “Der, Die, Das” in english we just have “The”. I have failed before, in first semester, when i take European History. I don’t know why i have to fail, but it sure does become my lesson. They gave you scores just based on two tests (The Mid and The Finals). I think that is crazy. Why don’t see how much work we were doing in class?

However, after two years studying German Literature, I found that my family will move to the UK and I started to think that I should take the subject that I always wanted to study: International Political Studies. Luckily, I found a very good university near our house there called “Middlesex University” in London. Their library is the most enjoyable place on the university to study. I found that politics is clearly an amazing subject to be learned, because we can learn about a lot of things in the world. It could be technology or environment. It captures all the problems that are needed to be solved by us.

I am so glad that I have other opportunity to experience studying abroad.

2 thoughts on “University Life

    1. @denaaaaa noooy:
      hey dena! terimakasih…
      sy milih sastra jerman krn berencana utk melanjutkan S2 disana. tidak apa2.

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