My Life Today…

If people asked “Hows your life now?”
I think its kinda hard to answer it.

I just get back from “You know where” (USA,America,whatever you may called it)
And now i am struggling with going to college.
The tests for going to college,in Indonesia,its something that you never hope that you’re gonna get.
Its like bad dream and you really want to get out of it.
It is really hard,and you’re hoping in your heart that you wont get this thing.

I was hoping i’m still in America,
doing nice easy interview to enter a college,
and live in peace.

I really hope to study at Germany,USA, or Australia.
Oh how happy i would be!

And you know what?
I have to study just for 10 days (after i get back from America)
which is crazy.
I choose International Relations and Politic in University of Indonesia.
Then i stressed out because i think i wont pass this test after i finished it.
I started to think to go to private college (one of them was Pelita Harapan University,which is so far away),but then i think twice and think its not worth it.
My mom tells me to have another test for entering University of Indonesia, which called “Non Reguler Test”. In there,my interests of the courses option was only English and German Literature.
This test is freakin’ expensive,so its not worth it because of the course i choose.
This whole thing is really confusing:
Where do you want to go after high school?
What do you want to be in the future?
What are your plans?
And this one makes you go crazy:
Do you really want to do that?
And your answer should be Yes,and always should.
I have plans if the colleges not accept me this year.
So it really doesn’t matter.
If you like what you do,do it.

2 thoughts on “My Life Today…

  1. hahaha dapet blog itu dari pm elo lah!
    congrats ya dapet sastra jermannya!
    welcome back nad, yah so much hectic thing happens in here
    good for you, you didnt have to pass the UN things!
    yea it sucks
    i have been sick because the UN things

    alaah, bahasa inggris gue ngaco! 🙂

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