About Me


My name is Nadira Irdiana. I am currently living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am a self-proclaimed liberalist and feminist. Most of the time, you will find me constantly thinking for solutions to world problems. However, if I can describe my own self in one word, it will be a ‘dreamer’. While I really want to contribute for international development sector, I also secretly dream to be a film director or a scriptwriter.

I am a graduate of University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I studied MA International Relations (Global Governance). I am currently working for a non-governmental organization and hugely committed to the international development sector. I am a returnee of Nacel Open Door, an organisation that sends exchange students abroad. In the past, I had spent a year in Waseca, Minnesota, USA (2007-2008). I was also working for Indonesian Future Leaders in 2010, which is a nation-wide organisation that focuses on development and youth empowerment. Moreover, I was volunteering for Amnesty International student group for 3 years and was previously the president of Amnesty International student group in Middlesex University, London, UK. I hold a BA (Hons) degree in International Politics from the university.

This blog generally contains my observations about my own world, travel destinations, politics, international relations, philosophy, art, language, literature, music, film, traditional and popular culture.

My resume/ CV is also available upon request.

You can contact me at nadirairdiana@yahoo.com. I welcome suggestions and comments from my readers.

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