New York Trip

Before i go back home this 17th of June,
I went to New York for a holiday after graduation.

At the airport going there,i bought some foods at McDonalds.
We stayed at Holiday Inn in Newark,New Jersey.
It is just because to stay there was a lot cheaper than staying in New York.
But we waste a lot of time to go to New York itself.|
We have to take Airtrain,Busway and Train to get there.
After we were at New York,we get the ticket for the Bus Night Tour.

Meanwhile,I take pictures at the Times Squares.
Before going to the bus,we went to a Calzone restaurant. (Pizza but not open).
My hostmom did not know that there is no calzone in the plastic bag.
My hostdad go back to the Calzone place,and we have to miss the bus and wait for the other one.
When my hostdad here,we know that there are just 2 calzone instead of 3!
Not even check it again!

So then my hostdad and my hostmom just have half of the calzone.
We can not hear the tour guide because it is so loud and his microphone was just broken.
I sat with a girl from the Netherlands, and we have fun and just talk.
We saw fireworks from the bridge.
The girl love indonesian foods. For some reasons,Netherlands have many indonesian restaurants.
We pretty much take a rest and go out from the bus and take pictures.
The bus take us where we want to stop for going home.

The other day,we are going to United Nations (i’m just hoping u know what it is)
There are a lot of people in New York that are tourists.
From India,Netherlands,Korea,China,Japan….
For some reasons,there are a lot of people from India.
In the United Nations we take a tour inside of the building.
We take pictures of the gifts that they received from other countries.
I bought my “I Love New York” shirts there. With the sign “Kings” on the bottom of it,I don’t know why.
After that we walk for a long time to get to the Skyline Boat Tour.
They have a great tour guide in there.
That is a good time to relax after long walk.

After the boat tour we went to Madame Tussauds (where they have celebrities,sports player and politicians in wax,looks like real)
I take picture with a lot of famous people,
like Johnny Depp and Miley Cyrus.
Then we ate at the Applebees restaurant.
After Applebees,we went shopping.
I found MTV Store too.

The next day,we went to Statue Liberty.
There have the “beautiful” long lines to go with the boat.
The only sad thing about this is we can’t go inside because you have to call for reservations first.
Then we went to Ellis Island,where the immigrants from another countries have to go to be Americans.

After that we went to World Trade Center Memorial Museum, when they show a lot of comments and things from 9/11.
They called WTC as “Ground Zero” right now.
They will be finished to build The new WTC at 2012.
They will have waterfalls there too.

After that we went to Top of The Rock,when we go to the top of the building and see New York skyscrappers.
And then we go to Famiglia Pizza,(they serve pizza for some famous celebrities) to eat New York style-pizza.
I ate both pizza and calzone.

The last day In New York we go to McDonalds for lunch,

and then……..

this is my favourite part………

guess what???

We are going to the Broadway Show!!!!!!!

We saw Phantom of the Opera,which is the longest-running show in broadway.

Then we ate at Chevy’s,which is Mexican Restaurant.

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