3 Months Left…

Ok, guys,

i know its been a long time since i write a blog again in this wordpress blog, i’ve been busy all the times here, and you know what guys?


America is not a bad place to be, for real, and maybe not as crazy as you guys think all along about America. One thing that Indonesian have to know is, not many people here like Moslem people. In some of the teenagers eyes, all moslems are terrorists for sure.

Its easy to get an A for school, (maybe this is not a good facts to tell, because you will be lazy when you go there). But it is, really easy. You just have to do your homework (or maybe do what you supposed to do) and study when you have a test or a quiz, right? The different things about the school are, YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT SUBJECT YOU WANT TO TAKE (what is more better than that?), YOU DONT HAVE TO WEAR UNIFORM (Sounds good,but it will be a disaster guys! so take it easy for the uniform thing in Indonesia, i think it was good)

PS: Don’t wish to get an A on english class guys!

I’ve been to many places that i never think of before (well, i’ve been thinking about Chicago, at least) I haven’t gone to New York, as i wish for it before, but its ok. In chicago, i’ve seen NBA Games, My father university (The university of Chicago-Law School), Sears Tower(well that one wasn’t turn out so good, it’s dark and i cant see anything), The Blue Man Group (these guys were so AMAZING, but i can’t really describe what are they, but they are really HILLARIOUS)

I’ve been to Duluth, there’s many beautiful views out there 🙂

I’ve been to House on The Rock (house on top of rocks) in Wisconsin, well this place is hard to describe, the owner like to collect things (really cool things) in his really big house.

Just that for this time.

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