Reflections of Life so far

The title of this blog maybe sounds familiar to you. But do you really know the answer?

Some people, when they are done with high school, will try different paths in their life. The reason is simple. We can’t be the same person over and over again. People need some changes in their life. People said that we can’t be the same as yesterday. Some of my friends, like you maybe, will move from your past to your future by studying in college/university. Some of them will go to a different city or maybe better, a different country, to find out who they really supposed to be. Some maybe plan to keep in contact with as many friends as possible, and some might want to lose it. Do you honestly really ready to leave it all behind? Well, for me, I will definitely keep my past, I won’t let it go, no matter how good or bad it is. I was the type of person that really want to be friends until my lifetime is over. I really love my family and friends, both of them, the ones in Indonesia and America. Even if I am in Indonesia right now, I would not want to lose contact with my friends and families in America. I love them, as much as I love my friends and families in Indonesia. I kept all of my life balanced.

I want to be someone that is important. Someone that can make changes in the world, someone that everyone like to be with, someone that always be there for their friends, someone that can help other peoples, someone that is successful. This might sound cheesy, but for real, i want to be that person. I have to be better than my parents. They are great people. Have high education, well-mannered, a good example for their kids. We can call our family “exchange students’ family”, we are all became an exchange student. It is good to know other people’s culture, that is different from ours. I am hoping that I can be a diplomat, work at the United Nations New York, volunteer at a non-governmental organisation. I hope I can be the way I wanted.

One thought on “Reflections of Life so far

  1. Just when I spent my last days in High School. I really wnat to get out and be a college student.
    And now i get the hang of it, I feel like…I don’t want to be here. I feel like going to college is something that parts me from my dream.

    Anyway about yor dream…it’s cheesy, yes. But it’s your dream. I have a similiar dream like you. I want to change the world through my writings, I want to be a Nobel Laureate (well, it’s a bit too far I guess). Let’s try our best to chase that dream.

    I see something from you. If you really want to change the world, gather your friends and let’s do it together. Sorry for the crap ;p

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