My week in popular (…or not so popular) culture 23 November 2014

This week, Beyonce came with a new surprise. After 2 new songs were being leaked on the internet, she released a new music video for 7/11 on the 21st of November. The background of the song name itself is still a mistery to this day, with some people making their own theories about what the title might implies (see The video looks like it has been shot by Beyonce herself at her place. Even though I like the concept of the video (it looks undone and not over prepared), I am pretty disappointed. I am reminded of how her tremendous voice might not always translate to creativity in lyrics (granted, probably most of Beyonce’s songs are not actually hers). The lyrics almost do not mean anything and has been thrown into the song to fit the music. Those disappointments aside, I still want to congratulate her on releasing a platinum edition of her album.

Moving on, I still saw a gem of a music video this week: “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. This song was made by a duo that was made in heaven: Idina Menzel and Michael Buble. Whoever came with the idea of collaborating is an absolute genius. You can see the video here:

The video is just adorable, I love the young actors (or dancers? or lip sync-ers?). It’s amazing how they are able to resemble Idina and Michael perfectly. The coordination in the video is amazing – with its colors, Christmas trees,well-dressed kids in the background and the rolling suitcases.

I also loveee this music video by She & Him (Zooey Deschanel’s band), “Stay Awhile”

Here is a little bit of the lyrics:

Stay awhile, let me hold you
Stay awhile til I’ve told you, oh
Of the love that I feel tonight, oh yeah!

Stay awhile, what’s your hurry?
Stay awhile cause I worry, oh
Any time that you’re out of sight

It’s a simple song and the duration is not even longer than 3 minutes, but it is truly a relaxing one. The fake guitar playing by M. Ward and Zooey’s dance truly looked like hard work (there are probably stunt doubles and CGI involved), but it looks so artistic you can’t help but falling in love. My two favorite scenes: Zooey dancing in the clouds and M.Ward leaving the room with the guitar shadow.

In conclusion of this week’s review: it is starting to sound like… and look like… Christmas! December is almost here 🙂

Christmas trees~

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