Majestic Cornwall

Hi all. It’s been a long time since I posted blog posts regularly, and it’s the day when I truly updated my blog theme and make it look fresh. Heya, I’m just gonna tell you all the things that amazed me in my recent holiday in Cornwall, England. I started going there on 27 August 2011 and it took me about 6 hours to get there. The first day I am just resting in Roselands caravan.

Day 2

LIZARD LIGHTHOUSEThis is a place that actually has the view rather than the tourist attraction itself. They actually sell the lighthouse, but it wasn’t that impressive, unless you’re really interested in it. So if you get here, don’t forget to see the amazing beach behind the lighthouse like the picture I gave you below:


National Seal Sanctuary held so many amazing shows throughout the day that involves cute animals like penguins, seals, otters etc. You can also enjoy the views – everywhere in Cornwall is beautiful, including this sanctuary.

Day 3


I didn’t plan to go here and it is not very well-known for tourists, but I smell adventure here and I went there. I never regret it. The views are amazing in this mine location.


Penzance is the most well-known area in Cornwall, they are pretty big in size and have wonderful fish restaurants. I ate fish and chips here.

Day 4


Land’s End is your ultimate destination when you’re in Cornwall. If you’ve never been there, you’ve never been in Cornwall. You also need to take a picture with them with your hometown and the miles from there to Cornwall. Very interesting.


This area could be really crowded sometimes, especially in the evening. Be prepared to not get any parking space because there are so many people wanted to go to the beach. Other than that, go and enjoy every minute of it. St. Ives has a lot of shopping places too.


I love Minack Theatre, more than words can describe! Everything about it is so beautiful and well-prepared. Even though the play wasn’t as big as New York Broadway or London West End, you can still see that they do the best they can with the small venue. Not to be missed: the outdoor feel of it.

Day 5


St. Michael’s Mount is in the town of Marazion, pretty heavy for old people because they need to climb a lot of stairs to be up there in the castle, but you cannot this tidal island and everything inside it. When the water is high you can go there by boat, but if not, you can just walk.


Newquay and their beaches were so pretty. Bring your sunglasses if you go there when it’s sunny. And be prepared will all your beach- gears!

Day 6


This 1950’s steam locomotive railway is one of the things you cannot see often, so it’s best if you find time to experience this still-alive train… Check their schedule first before you go.


Eden Project will amaze you for sure! It is actually a charity and the garden is so beautiful. You can experience rainforest like you are really there, not to mention the weather is also the same. It’s quite hot, so don’t use a warm jackets and coats. You’ll be fine, I promise!

Day 7

On the way home we stopped at these two places:


Tintagel Castle is believed to be the birthplace of King Arthur. Stunning views and ruins.


This is the only places here that actually are not in Cornwall, but Devon. Agatha Christie like to spent her time in Haytor for her inspiration in writing.

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